The Community Eco-Bomb

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The Community Eco-Bomb is a bundle of 12 eco-products that save you money, improve the environment and benefit our communities, including:

• The Jerry Bottle - a double walled, food grade steel vacuum bottle which keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Switching from single use plastic water bottles can save over £90 per year!
• The Waterblade - a water, energy and carbon saving device that takes a trickle of water and transforms it to improve hand washing and significantly reduce water consumption – saving up to £75 per year!
• The Ocean Saver – a bottle for life and anti-bac eco-drop, removing the need for single use plastic bottles. Switching from leading brands can save over £70 per year!
• The Hippo Water Saver - a water saving device that can be easily installed into your cistern to save up to 3 litres of water per flush and saving approximately £25 per year!
• The World Three Zero reusable, foldable shopping bag - made from 3 plastic bottles.
• The Tree Bombs - enough to offset the carbon output of the average UK household for a whole year.
• The Beebom - a biodegradable grenade filled with wildflower seeds and compost to promote the habitat needed to bring the bees back.
• The Eco-Bru bamboo toothbrush – helping to reduce the 50 million plastic toothbrushes that find their way to landfills each year.
• The Who Gives A Crap premium toilet roll – made from sustainable bamboo.
• The Earth Bits Eco Pot Scrubber - 100% plastic free, 100% organic, 100% biodegradable
• The Bamboo Cotton Buds – a 200 pack that helps to reduce single use plastics.
• The BioBag – a 50 litre compostable trash bag, reducing on average 156 single use non-recyclable bin bags every year if used regularly.