Our Impact

We want everyone and everything to benefit from the products and profits of World Three Zero. Here's how:

Benefitting our World Three Zero Heroes

Without our loyal customers, we can’t make a difference to our planet or our communities - that’s why we call our customers World Three Zero Heroes. So it is really important to us that we provide immediate and sustainable savings from the eco-products that you buy from us. This way you know that the hard earned cash you spend with us becomes an investment both from an environmental and a money perspective.

Our Community Eco-Bomb saves our World Three Zero Heroes 40% on the RRP with average annual savings of around £250.

What’s more, when you invest in the Community Eco-Bomb we grant you exclusive access to our VIP-Eco Store, which enables you to continue making a difference with great savings on a select range of eco-products.

Benefitting the environment

Our eco-products provide simple but effective changes that enable everyone to improve their environmental impact whilst also encouraging the growth of trees and wildflowers that create the biodiversity needed to sustain life on Earth.

To date we have already saved over 15,000 plastic bottles from entering our environment.

Benefitting our communities

So what will we do with the profits, I hear you cry!? Well, 100% of it will be reinvested into the communities that invested in our eco-products. We do this by analysing the source of purchase, and apportioning the profits to these communities on an annual basis.

When we reach a critical mass of World Three Zero Heroes in a community we create a dedicated Facebook page so that you can have a direct say on where the cash is reinvested, and see progress updates on the initiatives.

Benefitting the world

We try to source as many products as possible from businesses that share our social business ethos, with some reinvesting all or part of their profits into worldwide initiatives such as providing clean and safe water for all (Jerry) and clean, safe toilets for all (Who Gives a Crap).

Our promise to you is that if you invest your hard earned cash in us, we will do everything we possibly can to ensure we deliver savings to you whilst also providing wider benefits to our communities and planet.