Our Story

Hello! I’m Paul, one of the founders of World Three Zero. For over a decade I have dedicated my career to improving water, energy and the environment in the UK. I live with my partner, Alana, who is a fantastic silversmith and crystal enthusiast. Together we have four amazing kids and a crazy ninja cat and we live in Birkenshaw, Yorkshire.

We share a passion and desire to create an amazing future for our family and to make a positive difference in our community and for our planet.

During COVID 2020 we were moved by the many positives we had seen as a result of lockdown - closer families and friends, caring communities and incredible regeneration of the environment as the result of the temporary pause on normal life.

We wanted to see permanent, lasting change and so World Three Zero was born with one simple mission: zero net carbon, zero poverty and zero regrets by 2050.

It was important to us that World Three Zero was sustainable too, so rather than creating a charity we created a social business, with all profits reinvested into the communities that created them.

The “why” was clear to us, and soon the “what” was obvious to us also - we have a very busy household and despite an interest and desire to do good and be responsible with our household purchases, the lack of time and conflicting information on environmental benefits became an excuse to make that change tomorrow rather than today.

We also noticed that eco-products tended to come at a higher cost, and we thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a box of eco-products that saved money, improved the environment and bettered our communities without the time and hassle of testing lots of products. And just like that, our first product was imagined: The Community Eco-Bomb - the little box that does a lot of good.

We have massive plans for the future, but all that matters is that we each make small, sustainable changes today. We hope you can help us to create a world of three zero’s: zero net carbon, zero poverty and zero regrets.


Paul & Alana
World Three Zero Family