OceanSaver Starter Kit

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The Problem: The ocean is precious and we want it to stay that way for future generations, but plastic is destroying it fast and polluting our planet to the point that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

The Solution: OceanSaver have taken a stand and created a solution. Their plant-based, non-toxic EcoDrops transform in water, creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly, while you play your part in something vital. Small change. Big impact.

The Benefits:  The average UK person spends £2.50 per week on household cleaning products, that’s £130 per year, resulting in 37 plastic bottles going to landfill or finding its way to our oceans. Switching to OceanSaver could save over £70 compared to leading brands, and remove the associated plastic waste entirely.